01 JULY 2014, LONDON, UK

WeTransfer launches new video series 'The Creative Class', featuring Damon Albarn and Stefan Sagmeister

A collection of conversations with influential rainmakers shaping our contemporary creative industries

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Fresh from sponsoring the Digital Young Lions award at Cannes, WeTransfer today launches creativeclass.tv, an ongoing video series, to illustrate how some of the most influential people in the global creative industries marry technology with their passion and skills across music, art, fashion, design, and beyond.

thecreativeclass.tv consists of five beautifully-shot ‘at-work’ video conversations, with English musician, Damon Albarn, British designer, Tom Dixon, Austrian graphic designer and typographer, Stefan Sagmeister, British creator and musician, Fred Deakin and British shoe designer, Marc Hare.

In the first film, Damon Albarn describes in detail how technology has changed the creative process: “The way music is recorded is now completely and utterly different because essentially it started out that you were recording the moment. That’s what the tape gave you the ability to do. You would edit. But the essential moment was there.

“But with the idea of loops everything changed. The technology grew around the concept of loops and what emerged is what we have now. You can have the moment. But the moment is also in harmony with the more digital brain.

“It’s interesting because digitally enhanced music can, in a way, have the same effect as music created in the moment. But there is a subtle difference. I haven’t entirely decided what it is. But I like playing with both.

“This modern technology allows that to be possible.”

Tom Dixon, Stefan Sagmeister, Fred Deakin and Marc Hare are also interviewed ‘at work’ offering their perspectives on the interplay between technology and creativity.

“This series of interviews with inspirational people is part of a new norm in creative culture,” says Nalden, co-founder and CMO of WeTransfer. “Many of today’s most influential creative people – musicians, designers or scientists are cleverly folding technology into the creative process. They’re finding new ways to create, and then share original ideas. And they’re coming up with some amazing things as a result.

“It was a no-brainer for We Transfer to support this project. Yes, we’re a file-transfer service. But our heritage is all about helping creative people share their work and harnessing technology to help build a global exhibition of creative talent – from established artists to the world’s best young creative directors.”

The idea for ‘Creativeclass.tv comes in part from Richard Florida ‘s 2002 book, the Creative Class, which suggested this group of people would form the driving force for the social and economic development of our post-industrial cities. 

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