WeTransfer turns it up with 10GB transfers for Plus users

The file transfer service has today increased capacity in the single biggest development since Plus launched earlier this year

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File-sharing service, WeTransfer, today announces its first major upgrade, by doubling transfer capacity for WeTransfer Plus users from 5GB to 10GB.

File-sharing service, WeTransfer, today announces its first major upgrade, by doubling transfer capacity for WeTransfer Plus users from 5GB to 10GB.

The recent increase in Plus accounts – which are particularly popular in the US and UK – has seen WeTransfer double its revenues in the last year.

The doubling of capacity is a ‘thank you’ to existing users and a welcome feature for new users.

WeTransfer passed the 2 million transfers a day mark last month. It now has 18 million monthly users worldwide. The amount of transfers they did in the month of November 2010, they now do in a day. And it’s built to scale. Over 4000 terabytes of WeTransfer data now passes through the Amazon Web Services a month.

Plus accounts, which cost only $10 a month, now amount for around 60% of the company’s revenues. This premium service allows users to personalise their own page, password protect transfers and store 50GB of files in the cloud, in addition to offering increased transfer capacity.

WeTransfer aims to support those who are looking to send increasingly sophisticated content including film, music and high-resolution photography that are too large for email. Anyone can use WeTransfer to send files up to 2GB for free.

WeTransfer was originally launched in 2009 by Bas Beerens and Nalden as a means to save courier costs and to speedily distribute large files. WeTransfer enables anyone to easily send large files, without any complications, lengthy sign-up forms or intrusive banner ads. The team has championed a service which is unique in its simplicity and ease of use.


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About WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a leading file sharing service based out of Amsterdam, providing a uniquely creative space for people to share files. Launched in 2009 by Bas Beerens and Nalden, WeTransfer was borne? out of a simple need to provide a solution for people to send large files easily. The service now has 18 million monthly active users and prides itself on its simplicity. The founders’ desire of producing “something their parents could use” has led the WeTransfer team to a service without the complications of logins, signup forms, data capture and banner advertising.

WeTransfer is completely free when sending files of up to 2GB in size, or users can sign up to WeTransfer Plus for €10 a month for larger transfers to multiple recipients, storage space and the ability to personalise and secure a channel.

Instead of plastering the site with intrusive banner ads, the team has created a backdrop of curated wallpapers provided by a wide community of artists, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers and brands. The result is an enriched user experience to a backdrop of beautiful images. WeTransfer puts the love back into advertising.

You can start using WeTransfer immediately at: www.wetransfer.com/

"“Thanks to the advertising and paid subscription package, we are now fully profitable and continue to grow. We have bootstrapped WeTransfer from the start and making sure we paid the rent was always a concern for us. Today, the service is held up as a best practice case study for Amazon Web Services and that is something we are extremely proud of." Nalden
"Our growth figures show that our Plus model really resonates with our community and we’re excited about what the future holds. There’s been a lot of demand to have more transfer capacity from consumers in recent months, so it felt like it a good time to give something back to our community of Plus account holders. If it wasn't for our users we wouldn't be still doing this." Bas Beerens
"None the less, WeTransfer has, and always will, work towards providing a free service at the heart of our business model. It is because of this that We Transfer has become one of the world’s most trusted, most used and most loved services." Bas Beerens
About WeTransfer

WeTransfer makes tools to move ideas. Founded in 2009 in Amsterdam as a simple, well-designed file sharing service for the creative community, WeTransfer has grown to include tools that scale across the creative spectrum, including editorial platform WePresent (with 3M monthly readers), mobile app 'Collect by WeTransfer' (with 4M monthly users), quick slide-making tool Paste® (with 40,000 active teams), immersive sketching tool Paper® (with more than 30M downloads), and the original web platform with 60M monthly users and over a billion files sent each month.

From the beginning, WeTransfer has prioritized bringing “offline” values - trust, transparency, and ethics - online. This means having a responsible data policy and tools that don’t distract people from their creative flow. WeTransfer has pioneered a new means of online advertising, resulting in the platform’s full-page wallpapers, designed by our award-winning in-house creative studio. Advertisers include industry-leading brands like Apple, Saint Laurent, Google, Balenciaga, Samsung, Netflix, Adidas, and Squarespace.

Since its founding, WeTransfer has proudly supported the creative communities and given up to 30% of advertising space to support the arts, donating over 5 billion impressions in 2017. Through our ongoing advertising grant program and content platform, WePresent, we have partnered with hundreds of groundbreaking artists and organizations, including Björk, King Krule, FKA twigs, Ryan McGinley, Ami Vitale, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the UN Development Program, the World Wildlife Foundation and the Prince Estate. In 2016, WeTransfer launched the world’s first free Masters of the Arts in design thinking with the University of the Underground and Worldwide FM, the global radio station run by legendary BBC DJ Gilles Peterson.

Following a $25 million investment from Highland Europe in 2015, WeTransfer opened a US office in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, to add to the Amsterdam headquarters. In 2018, WeTransfer acquired popular creative apps Paper® and Paste® and expanded its US presence to New York City.

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