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Video wallpaper using the WeTransfer film 'Breaking the Circle' by Tobias Nathan.

Video wallpapers now available to WeTransfer Plus users

Plus users of can now add custom video wallpapers to the background of their transfer page. This new and highly requested feature is the latest way for WeTransfer Plus users to personalize their WeTransfer profile with a beautiful, moving background image.

For videos to be used as wallpapers, they must be MP4 files of maximum 5MB and use a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Videos will be displayed for 30 seconds at a time; longer videos will be cut short.

Dennis Mensen, Product Manager at WeTransfer, comments:

"A large portion of our users are videographers looking for a way to showcase their work in its original form. So we figured it was about time we did something about it. Having a background that moves, whether it’s a subtle cinemagraph or an intricate animation, catches the eye. It grabs attention without being intrusive."

For more information in video wallpapers, read the Medium piece "Great ideas deserve to look good" by Dennis Mensen, and watch the how-to video below.

How To Add A Video Wallpaper On WeTransfer

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