29 JANUARY 2018

WeTransfer Launches Content Platform WePresent

Highlighting Creativity Around the Globe.

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Homepage of WePresent, WeTransfer's new editorial platform.

Monday, January 29 - Today WeTransfer, the creator of the preferred file-sharing tool for creatives around the world, launches WePresent, a bespoke editorial platform designed to tell unexpected stories about creative minds and spark inspiration. The site – designed by WeTransfer’s in-house creative team and the agency Cartelle – is the latest addition to its constellation of creative tools. It completely reimagines and redesigns This Works, WeTransfer’s existing content blog, in order to provide bespoke content pages tailored to tell individual, in-depth stories.

Since the founding of the company in 2009, WeTransfer has prioritized highlighting the work of creatives on the wallpaper backgrounds of its file-sharing platform, which serves as a digital billboard for its 40 million active monthly users. WeTransfer donates five billion WeTransfer.com advertising impressions each year to promote creative work from around the world, often with a click-through to a story with additional insight on WePresent, the editorial arm. These are presented to visitors to the site not as targeted advertisements, but by pure serendipity, creating a unique opportunity to discover creative work that site visitors may otherwise never encountered.  


As the company evolves its product offering, it wants to empower creative minds to spark, develop, share and present their ideas. WeTransfer consistently invests in the creative production of its user base through new initiatives to support their workflow. This new site has been conceived as a place for people to find all manner of inspirational stories which will, in turn, help them develop their own creative projects. It is also the home for the exclusive content WeTransfer commissions with the likes of FKA twigs, Ryan McGinley and Bjork.


Damian Bradfield, President of WeTransfer, notes: “Our mission at WeTransfer is to enable the effortless transfer of ideas. With 75% of our users identifying as creatives, we are constantly striving to empower creative minds to find inspiration and create, share and present new work. We realized early on that the enormous reach we have - with our background wallpaper images shown to over 40 million users - provides an opportunity to champion the work of artists we believe in. WePresent, our growing editorial platform has evolved around conversations with our community to share the stories behind these images.”

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The homepage in its image-first tile mode

The first stories to appear on WePresent include a new photography podcast with New York’s International Center of Photography (ICP), and a short documentary exploring a performance by musicians Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett in an iconic New Jersey music venue.  WePresent will also feature new work whose production is supported by WeTransfer, and will augment this content with editorial pieces providing insight into process and inspiration. In addition to supporting artists with advertisements and editorial coverage, in 2018 the company is committed to spending $2 million in commissioning new creative content.


Rob Alderson, WeTransfer’s Editor-in-Chief, says: “I believe the site we are launching stands alongside the best creative content sites in the world. Because we have the luxury of publishing fewer articles than those other sites, we have designed a set-up where every part of the way we present content can be customized. This makes for hugely engaging and considered experiences for readers, as well as respecting the amazing creative minds whose work we are lucky enough to showcase.”    

WePresent can be found on wepresent.wetransfer.com.

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WePresent launches with a new podcast series created by WeTransfer and ICP.

Facts and figures

Readership: WeTransfer’s previous editorial platform This Works attracted 1 million UMV

Engagement: The average time on page for a This Works article in 2017 was 2.44 minutes

Commitment to quality: In 2017, WeTransfer published 184 stories on the site

Commitment to diversity: In 2017 45% of the creatives featured on This Works were female. At least one creative from every continent is represented every month across WeTransfer’s platforms.

Note to editor

For more information or interview requests please contact Annematt Ruseler, annematt@wetransfer.com

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About WeTransfer

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. The service was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam by Bas Beerens and Nalden, who wanted to create an easy platform for people to send big files without any sign-up. Today, 42 million active users transfer one billion files every month all over the world. It is WeTransfer’s mission to enable the effortless transfer of ideas between creative minds. We want to help our users get in, and stay in, their creative flow – that strange and beautiful state where everything comes together and great things happen.

WeTransfer has a dual revenue model, split between advertising and premium subscriptions. With WeTransfer Plus, customers benefit from bigger transfer sizes, storage and personalization options. WeTransfer also works with the world's biggest brands, including Google, Samsung, Netflix and Squarespace, to develop and deliver beautiful, full-screen advertisements on our background wallpapers.

Since day one, WeTransfer has proudly supported the creative communities by giving away up to 30% of the advertising space to showcase projects we love. Creative partnerships have been launched with some of the world's most interesting individuals and organizations, including Björk, Trevor Noah, Ryan McGinley, Moby, FKA twigs, alt-J, McSweeney's, World Press Photo, The Royal Academy of Arts, WWF and the Ace Hotel Group. On our content platform WePresent, we tell unexpected stories about creative minds from around the world. WeTransfer also supports tomorrow’s creative leaders by offering free premium accounts to all arts students in the United States.

Following a $25 million investment from Highland Capital in 2015, WeTransfer opened a US office in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, to add to the Amsterdam headquarters.

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