WeTransfer debuts new mobile app to boost productivity

Simplicity and ease of use remains at the heart of WeTransfer

WeTransfer extends their simple and easy to use desktop platform to mobile with the debut of a new app for iOS devices designed to boost productivity by giving users a simple way to transfer up to 10GB of high-res photos and videos

WeTransfer, the file-transfer service, has today announced the launch of a file-transfer app specifically designed to send imagery or videos. The app, which will initially be available on iOS devices, is the next step in creating a WeTransfer ecosystem, which will give users a simple way to transfer multiple high-res photos and videos wherever they are, without lengthy or costly sign-up processes. Additionally, the app removes the need for wires or syncing to a laptop or desktop.

The WeTransfer app will enable users to send as many images and videos as they like with as few clicks as possible, making use of multiple navigational gestures. The app allows users to send up to 10GB of images and videos from their smartphones by gaining access to the user’s camera roll. Additionally, users will be able to make use of 3G and 4G networks as well as Wi-Fi to transfer their photos and videos for free.

If a user wishes to cancel or pause a transfer they can now do so at any time and resume it when convenient to provide greater control. To send videos and photos, users will also have the ability to use their device’s address book for easy e-mail address selection.

Other features of the WeTransfer app allow users to:

  • Instantly send multiple images by selecting the first image and double tapping on the last to select all the items in between
  • Have greater transfer control by receiving notifications to highlight a switch from Wi-Fi to 3G or 4G
  • Find images quickly by swiping with two fingers to jump between months
  • Skip to the last image in the folder by swiping with three fingers
  • Preview an image or video by tapping and holding it down
  • Pause and resume transfers to fit into your schedule

The app will also feature WeTransfer’s iconic background imagery designed specifically to fit smartphone screens, mirroring the online version. 

In addition to features available to everyone, ‘Plus’ account holders will also be able to store their transfers in their 50GB cloud storage, which they can later access via the web version of the service.

The new WeTransfer app is available to download for free here www.wetransfer.com/mobile and is currently available for use on iOS devices. 

"“There’s been a lot of demand from our 20 million active monthly users to be able to send high res photos and videos from their mobile phones in a similar fashion to the web version. However, until now the technology to enable a smooth service was limited. The arrival of 4G and increasing coverage across the globe gave us the opportunity to work on a product that could offer the same service our users would expect from the online version. Aesthetics, simplicity and high quality imagery continue to be at the heart of WeTransfer, which is mirrored by our advertising model online and, now, in the app. With the app, users can continue to transfer photos and videos straight away with a few taps and view great imagery while doing so. Our continued growth reflects the success of this business mentality and the demand for high quality aesthetics.”" CEO and Founder of WeTransfer, Bas Beerens said:
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About WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a leading file sharing service, providing a uniquely creative space for people to share files. Launched in 2009 by Bas Beerens and Nalden, WeTransfer was borne out of a simple need to provide a solution for people to send large files easily. The service now has 100 million users and prides itself on its simplicity. The founders’ desire of producing “something their parents could use” has led the WeTransfer team to a service without the complications of logins, signup forms, data capture and banner advertising.

WeTransfer is completely free when sending files of up to 2GB in size, or users can sign up to WeTransfer Plus to make 20GB transfers to multiple recipients alongside receiving 100GB of storage space and the ability to personalise and secure an account.

Instead of plastering the site with intrusive banner ads, the team has created a backdrop of curated wallpapers provided by a wide community of artists, illustrators, brands, filmmakers, photographers and events. The result is an enriched user experience to a backdrop of beautiful images. WeTransfer puts the love back into advertising with the top brands of the world.

Start using WeTransfer at: www.wetransfer.com